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Unemployment insurance information management system
Unemployment insurance information management system
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The system is mainly equipped with functional modules such as basic data, premium collection, unemployment registration, treatment payment, parameter management, and issuance of unemployment coupons.

The main functions of the module are as follows:
1. Basic data: Mainly register the basic information of the insured unit and its employees, and register for unemployment insurance. Through data registration, the payment basis for future premium collection is provided. Issue an unemployment premium payment manual.
2. Collection of premiums: According to personal basic data, payment parameters, etc., generate payment information and issue payment notices, and collect premiums, and pay the arrears for unpaid fees, and deferred payment, and calculate the late payment fee. Print the roster of arrears units and send them to the labor insurance supervision agency for monitoring according to law to prevent the loss of premiums and ensure the smooth implementation of this insurance.
3. Unemployment registration: If you are unemployed, you will be unemployed, and you will be registered with the unemployment insurance agency according to the relevant unemployment certificate. According to the payment situation, you will be eligible to receive unemployment benefits, and you will be entitled to unemployment benefits. Provide evidence.
4. Payment of treatment: The unemployed person will sign the unemployment insurance agency monthly to the unemployment insurance agency to sign the unemployment benefit. The granting of medical subsidies, training grants, pensions, job subsidies, and farmer contract workers' subsidies shall be implemented in accordance with relevant policies.
5. Parameter management: The main setting rate, average salary, payment ratio and other policy parameters, the policy change adjustment parameter system can operate smoothly.
6. Statistical statements: Print the various statistical reports on the unemployment insurance information according to the regulations of the relevant administrative departments such as the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to provide accurate data for leadership decision-making.
7. Management of unemployment concession certificate: Distribute the unemployment concession certificate for unemployed and laid-off workers. Print the certificate of unemployment benefits and print various statistical reports.