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Fast financial accounting software
Fast financial accounting software
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"Fast Bookkeeping Software" is a set of easy-to-use financial accounting management software. It has no functional restrictions, is free forever, and has a lifetime. It has a Windows operating system interface and usage. As long as you use a computer, it will be easy to use. it. Xingyu Free Accounting Software is a financial accounting software specially designed for part-time accounting, full-time accounting, accounting accounting firms and small and medium-sized enterprises. It completes cash management and daily financial revenue and expenditure management, which makes your work easier. Billing is faster and more effective. The fast bookkeeping software is especially suitable for the daily work of cashiers in small and medium-sized companies. It realizes the income, expenses, transaction receivables and payables, and account balance of cash bank accounts. The interface is beautiful and generous, the function is simple and practical, and it is convenient and easy to use. No need for professional financial knowledge, software operation is easy and simple, save basic information in real time, conveniently record daily income and expenditure, and easily grasp transaction information. It is a good helper for small bosses!

"Fast Bookkeeping Software" is mainly composed of the following parts: 1. Basic information management:

Including personnel management, income project management, expenditure project management, voucher management, account management, customer management 2, current account management:

Including income accounting, expenditure accounting, transfer withdrawal, receivables, payables, income account, accounts payable 3, current account statistics:

Including account balance statistics, current day statistics, historical breakdown statistics, daily summary statistics, transfer statistics, receivables and payables, customer revenue and expenditure statistics, income and expenditure project analysis, revenue and expenditure trend analysis.

4, system management including backup and restore, password settings, system initialization, lock free accounting software, etc. 5, other functions include each notebook, calculator, hourly time, real-time help.

The following describes the purpose and function of each module one by one:

First, the basic information management basic information is the module that must be set before using the "fast accounting software". Here you can set up your corporate financial management staff, customer information, corporate cash/bank account information (initial amount of account), various income accounts, expenditure accounts, financial accounting income and expenditure methods involved in revenue and expenditure, Type of voucher, etc. You can perform a unified initialization operation before using the system for normal revenue and expenditure accounting, or you can enter the corresponding information at the time of billing. When a billing information is saved, the newly added corresponding information will be automatically saved to the system. In the database, you can choose directly at the next billing.

Second, the current account management "Fast Bookkeeping Software" directly allows you to add five types of financial accounting documents, including: income accounting, expenditure accounting, transfer withdrawals, accounts receivable, accounting payable. For the daily income and expenditure accounting data, you can check the statistics at a glance in the income and expenditure details, and display the balance of the previous day, the balance of the day and the balance of the day. The receivables and payables can be counted at any time, and the corresponding accounts receivable/payables can be added to each receivable data/payable data, and will be reflected in different customer receivables and payable statements. At the same time, you can analyze in the current account. Instantly count the customer's receivables and payables information. For any financial accounting data, you can export it to an Excel report or print it directly according to your needs, which is convenient and fast!

Third, the current account statistics "Fast Bookkeeping Software" provides a powerful financial accounting report statistics function, almost all the income and expenditure documents involved can be statistically inquired in different forms and filtered according to your needs.

(1) Account Balance Report: Display the current account balance at a glance, and the income and expenditure data within the specified time period, and provide you with the distribution ratio between each account in the form of a pie chart.

(2) Detailed statistics of the day: Provide all the income and expenditure data of today. For enterprises with frequent revenue and expenditure, this function saves you the time and energy of querying from a large amount of income and expenditure data, one step in place, fast and efficient !

(3) Historical detail statistics: Corresponding to the detailed statistics of the day, for historical accounting information, all the revenue and expenditure data can be quickly counted according to the provided query function. You can query different types of document information and modify and delete them as needed.

(4) Transfer statistics: Provide all transfer accounting inquiry functions.

(5), daily summary statistics: Group statistics according to the daily income and expenditure, you can learn about the daily income and expenditure of the company in a week/January.

(6) Customer revenue and expenditure statistics: Provide each customer with income and expenditure data within a specified time period to screen out your quality customers.

(7) Analysis of income and expenditure items: Statistics of the proportion of income/expenditure items within a specified time period, and provide analysis charts in the form of pie charts.

(8) Analysis of income and expenditure trends: Statistics of the income/expenditure amount trend chart within a specified time period, you can make scientific predictions on the future financial status at any time based on the current company's financial revenue and expenditure.

(9) Receivable and payable: collect statistics on each receivable and payables from customers, and automatically calculate the amount received and the amount still owed, and provide detailed information for the dunning.

Fourth, system management (1), backup and restore: In the process of using the "fast accounting software", you can back up the database to the designated place at any time, and when necessary, you can re-import the previously backed up data through the data restore function. The security of the guaranteed data in the financial accounting software.

(2) Password setting: You can modify the system login password here to prevent others from illegally viewing financial data.

(3), system initialization: When you want to restart the billing, you can use the system initialization function to clean up the previously entered junk data, so you can start billing again.

(4), locking system: When you leave the computer, you can use the "lock" function to lock the financial accounting software, other people without password, will not be able to view your financial data, provide confidentiality for your financial The guarantee.

Five, other functions (1), Notepad: You can quickly use this function to bring up the notebook software that comes with the computer for use.

(2), calculator: When you need to calculate the data through the electronic calculator, you can quickly use this function to call up the computer's electronic calculator for data accounting.

(3), hourly hourly: The whole hour reminds you that you need to leave the computer, take a break, work is important, health is more important!

(4), save column style: You can adjust the display style of the report column according to your needs, and can be saved, the next time the software automatically displays the data according to your style.

(5), real-time help: In any window of the software, as long as you have any questions, you can click the "Help" small icon to view the detailed instructions for use, or press F1 to call up the manual to view!

(6), real-time screening: historical detail report provides real-time screening function, as long as the information to be filtered is entered in it, you can quickly filter out the desired data!