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Maternal and child supplies cashier management software
Maternal and child supplies cashier management software
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The store housekeeper management system is a store owner management software that is specially designed for POS cashiers, store owners, and integrates product invoicing, account management, customer information, and memorandum. The utility model is simple in function, simple in operation, practical in function, and integrated in one, and provides functions such as invoicing management, customer information management, account management, memo reminder, etc. necessary for store management. It has auxiliary functions such as mail sending, small ticket printing, and account statistics. Make store management easy and simple, and make the store and accounts clear. Easy management and clear accounts. Classified commodity management is well organized. Account management for multiple books with clear accounts. The green software is very easy to use, and it provides a simple operation method based on the usage habits of ordinary store owners. No need for professional accounting knowledge and computer level, you can get started. More features are waiting for your discovery.

The front desk supports a variety of POS peripherals, stand-alone operation, rich industry features and powerful query statistics and management functions. It is the software of supermarkets and shopping malls.

Applicable to various industries (such as: retail supermarkets, food industry, clothing and footwear, auto parts, medical and health care, department stores, office supplies, children's products, IT industry, mobile communications, furniture, building materials, kitchen supplies, sanitary ware, etc.) Retail supermarkets, shopping malls and chain stores.

Through continuous feedback and improvement by countless users, our products have been welcomed by the general customers, welcome to provide us with valuable advice.

The main features of the maternal and child supplies cashier management software:

1. Easy to use, easy to operate, no training required, as long as people with a little computer knowledge can use it flexibly.

2, the system basic data supports the flexible import of Excel, minus your heavy and boring data input work.

3, flexible and convenient printing function, all statistical reports support EXCEL format printing and traditional report format printing.

4, powerful statistical analysis function, the system provides commodity sales rankings, return rankings, employee performance rankings, member consumption rankings, and sales profit statistics by day, month, and year.

5, flexible input mode, all input interface of the system, support bar code gun input and manual fuzzy input, in the absence of a bar code gun, you only need to enter a word, the system can locate the product you are looking for.

6, perfect data backup and automatic data maintenance functions, so that your system will always be efficient, healthy and complete.

Maternal and child products cashier management software software features:

The software provides a complete invoicing business management functions, including sales management (POS sales, sales returns, sales details), purchase management (purchasing purchases, purchase returns, purchase details), basic information (product information, member information, employees) Archives, gifts, statistical inquiry (member consumption ranking, merchandise sales ranking, merchandise return ranking, employee performance ranking, daily and monthly sales profit statistics), system maintenance (operation authority, data backup and recovery, data cleaning) and other functions.

The system supports bar code guns, small ticket printers, customer display screens and other hardware, especially suitable for small and medium-sized supermarkets or clothing stores, baby products stores, toy stores, cosmetics stores, jewelry stores, electrical appliances, stationery books, communication equipment stores, etc. industry.

Maternal and child supplies cashier management software software use:

Cashier management, store information management solutions.

Configuration requirements:

PII 450 CPU, 64M RAM.

The main functions of this system:

Commodity sales, sales returns, merchandise warehousing, warehouse return, merchandise transfer, merchandise scrap, inventory management, purchase planning, shift settlement, inventory statistics, sales profit statistics, sales rankings, invoicing details, membership management, membership Discounts, membership points and system maintenance, data backup, operator rights management and more.