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Hard disk data super recovery software
Hard disk data super recovery software
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Super hard disk data recovery software is an easy-to-use and powerful file recovery software that can recover deleted files on hard disk, U disk, memory card, mobile hard disk, formatted drive letter, hard disk partition loss, hard disk re-recovery. Prompt for files to be formatted when partitioning or opening a partition.

Super hard disk data recovery software official introduction
Super hard disk data recovery software uses a new data scanning engine to read the original sector data from the bottom of the hard disk in a read-only manner. After advanced data analysis algorithms, the lost directories and files are re-established in memory after scanning. The original partition and the original directory structure, the data recovery effect is very good. In addition, this recovery software also has more than ten original file recovery technologies, which can save a lot of time to recover data, and the success rate of file recovery is correspondingly improved.

Super hard disk data recovery software features
1, super anti-delete file recovery algorithm, for the FAT32 partition is completely restored by the Shift+Del deleted file, you can recover the damaged files after other software recovery. Super hard disk data recovery software For the case where a new file is overwritten and the file name is overwritten, the software can scan and restore the file data in the remaining space of the disk according to the file header, and recover the data deleted by mistake as much as possible.

2, super anti-formatted partition recovery algorithm, when scanning a formatted partition, simultaneously scan the FAT/FAT32, NTFS and exFAT file system directory files, automatically rebuild the original partition directory structure in memory for recovery There is no need to return the partition to the original type.

3, super partition table scan recovery algorithm, super hard disk data recovery software can be any hard disk with no partition or partition table damaged or re-partitioned, can scan the partition information on the whole disk in a few minutes, list all partitions to recover . The scanned partition can be distinguished from the current normal partition and highlighted in blue bold. The lightning scan partition algorithm can scan the MBR partition table and the GPT partition table simultaneously, saving a lot of time compared to other recovery tools.

4, super FAT directory reorganization algorithm, for the FAT/FAT32 partition deleted or formatted, if there are a lot of files in the directory, the directory fragment will be formed. After the other software is restored, a large number of small directories are not intuitive. Our software has the FAT directory item fragment reorganization function, which may restore each directory back to its original location, and the directory level recovery effect is particularly good.

5, super-type recovery algorithm, for data recovery of file name corruption (because the file name record and actual file storage location in the disk file system are often separated, partial coverage will destroy the file name, and the content may not be destroyed), the software Scanning and restoring the part of the file that is not covered by the characteristics of the file header, and intelligently naming the scanned file, such as extracting the title of the abstract author in the Word document as the file name, the scanned file is relatively straightforward.

6, super hard disk data recovery software can restore the special files by type, for Office2007 this new file format is fully compatible, support to restore data according to XLSX / PPTX / DOCX file format; for RAW digital camera pictures, support NEF file recovery And CR2 file recovery.

7. The *.CHK file formed after CHKDSK is restored. For this type of FILEnnnn.CHK file, the original extension can be identified. For the damaged directory, the directory structure can be recovered and the file name is intact.

8. For NTFS partitions damaged by viruses such as USBC, after double-clicking the drive letter, the disk will be unformatted or the root directory will be damaged and cannot be read. We provide special recovery, which can completely list its root directory and complete data recovery. come out.

9, super exFAT file system recovery capabilities, full support for exFAT partition recovery, including deletion, formatting, re-partitioning and other conditions, for the deleted exFAT file, will automatically check the file corruption after scanning and explain in the file status For the formatted exFAT partition, even if it is formatted into other file system types, it can automatically scan out the original exFAT directory structure; for the partition table destroyed or re-partitioned exFAT partition can also search by lightning scanning partition table Out of the original partition data. The reorganization function of integrated directory fragmentation, even if there are large directories in the exFAT partition, can be analyzed through directory fragment reorganization, intelligently merged into the original directory without being split into multiple small directories.

10, intelligent file analysis function, for the deleted data to be restored by the file header, the scanned files may overlap with the files scanned into the directory, the super hard disk data recovery software can intelligently identify duplicate files, repeat The files that appear are automatically culled, avoiding the repeated recovery of files and taking up disk space.

11, custom file recovery function, added the user-defined file header to restore the function, you can set the file header recovery data by researching and comparing the characteristics of some special data file formats (suitable for professional data recovery people), when the file name is damaged After all the file recovery software cannot scan the file, you can use the software's custom file header recovery function to scan the file body data.

12. Optimize the recovery to become a RAW type partition. The common partition suddenly becomes a RAW type partition. When the system is opened, the system prompts the unformatted situation to perform a special recovery algorithm optimization, and the directory can be listed very quickly. It doesn't take long to scan.

13, super hard disk data recovery software adds a quick recovery format partition function (ingenious function!), when the format partition damage is not serious, you can quickly list the directories and files, without spending a lot of time to scan. This is a very useful feature for the current hard disk recovery data on T