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Online advertising purification master
Online advertising purification master
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Goods Brief

Jingwang Master, formerly known as Advertising Manager, is a professional net software. Many small partners often encounter a lot of pop-up advertisements when surfing the Internet and browsing the web, and even encounter bad websites such as Trojans, which brings a very bad experience to everyone. If you want to change this situation then download the net master. Net net master can not only help you filter pop-up ads, block Trojans and other bad websites, but also let you watch videos without advertising, you can watch video content directly, and bring you a convenient and efficient experience.

Net Master Software Features
1. Malicious advertising intelligent interception:
NetEase Masters can help each partner block more than 95% of the ads and software pop-ups on the webpage with powerful ad intelligence blocking function, helping you to eliminate annoying ads and let you browse the web.

2, surfing the Internet to avoid harassment:
Net net master can help you automatically block all kinds of common software message windows, information windows, etc. that appear during the Internet access, and easily access the Internet without interruption.

3. Personal privacy prevention and leakage:
Netmaster can intelligently block advertising plug-ins and script code that collect personal privacy, and protect personal privacy data, video data, and online account passwords safely and worry-free!

4, web browsing acceleration:
Net net masters can help small partners speed up web access, while also optimizing page loading efficiency and increasing web page access speed by more than 20%!

5, save Internet traffic:
Netmaster can filter creatives and irrelevant code in Internet traffic, reducing web traffic by 30%, and surfing faster!

6. Block video ads:
Net net masters can not only intercept those pop-ups, suspensions, and image display ads, but even the pre-video ads can be intercepted. Open the video and watch it directly, no delay for one second.