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Network voice automatic call system
Network voice automatic call system
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At present, the telephone booths, bus stops, construction walls and even the illegal advertisements on the trees in the cities are very serious. They are commonly called “urban psoriasis”, which is a stubborn problem that is difficult to solve in urban management. In recent years, "psoriasis" has almost become an incurable disease in many cities. For these increasingly embarrassing "manufacturers", although the urban management department has not made less effort, it seems to have little effect. The main reason is the development of modern communication tools, making it more and more difficult for law enforcement agencies to investigate and deal with. Therefore, the use of a system called "calling you" should be said to be an effective new trick against the "manufacturers." But the traditional "call you" system has the following problems:

(1) High construction cost, single function, inconvenient management Traditional “calling you” system generally needs to be composed of telephone line, dialing equipment, server, etc. The construction cost is high, generally it takes tens of thousands of yuan, and even needs ten thousand to build. Technology is backward. The power is often relatively simple, with only a single chase function, which is not easy to manage.

(2) The operating cost is too high. The traditional “call you” system generally uses the telecom telephone network to perform “dial-up call”. Each “dial-chasing call” will generate a certain call cost if the other party answers, especially for some cross-regional calls. The number is chased, and the cost is even higher. Some "manufacturers" will also be determined to fight with you, through some tools, fixed connection and then hang up, so that when the time is down, there will be a lot of call charges.

(3) It is easy to be intercepted by the "firewall" of the call. "Generally, the mobile phone number is left on the advertisement. Now the general mobile phone has the "firewall" function of the call, because the traditional "call you" system generally calls out the number. It is fixed a few, it is easy to be intercepted by the "manufacturer" on the phone by setting a "blacklist".

The VoIP automatic chase system is a VoIP phone with low communication cost as a call platform. It adopts international advanced VoIP communication technology, which can conveniently set up any one of the fixed-line telephones and mobile phone numbers of any area. It has the following characteristics. :
(1) The zero-operating cost system uses advanced VoIP as a tracking platform, and the construction cost is low. Only one ordinary computer with Internet access can be used. Since the communication cost of the VoIP phone itself is also much lower than that of the general telephone, the system can use the dial-up or hang up method to chase the call, and basically does not generate communication charges.

(2) User-friendly design software interface adopts humanized design and is easy to operate. As long as the personnel with clear and simple mouse operation can use the software without referring to the manual.

(3) The anti-intercepting design system adopts multi-threading technology, and can support multiple network telephone platforms at the same time. The chase number can be set by “any number display”, and it is not easy to be intercepted by the other party “firewall”.