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Universal product sales management software
Universal product sales management software
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Goods Brief

Universal product sales management software is a sales management software developed for enterprises, stores and individuals for import, sales, storage management, wealth management and employee management. It has commodity management, invoicing document management, inventory management, profit viewing, and employee performance chart. View, monthly sales results chart comparison view, daily sales statistics report, monthly sales statistics report, annual sales statistics report, and can print various reports and export EXCEL, can be combined according to various conditions, query, summary, sales management software has complete functions It is practical, simple, easy to use, and quick to get started. It is an ideal sales management software for small businesses, shops and individuals.

Sales management software features:
1. The software is simple and convenient to use, complete and practical, and quick to get started.

2. Powerful profit statistics function, you can view the detailed profit of the year, month and day and specify the sales profit of a certain commodity.

3. Strong comprehensive query function, you can view detailed product purchase records, sales records and inventory records by year, month and day.

4. Staff authority is freely distributed. You can specify that the employee has only the right to sell the product, and the manager has all the permissions for purchase, sales, statistics, and so on.

5. Support chart statistics, let you more intuitively understand your monthly sales, employee sales and so on.

6. With automatic upgrade function, the data that has been entered in the old version after the software upgrade can still be used.

7. It is convenient to query or print the required data, support single-sheet printing, and export EXCEL view.

8. Data backup, data recovery function to effectively protect your data will not be lost.

9. SMS group sending, you can let the latest promotions as effective as possible to let customers know. You can also send them a message of blessing on holidays.

10. Import and export EXCEL function, to achieve convenient and fast data entry and save management data.